Custom Hockey Shorts - Design Your Own

Custom Hockey Shorts - Design Your Own







Our custom hockey shorts, shirts, singlets, skirts and uniforms are designed to let players be comfortable both on the field and off it. They're perfect for school teams, business teams, and social teams that play just for fun. If you just love the hockey shorts design, they're comfortable enough to wear off the field, too. We have five designs for both men and women field hockey players to choose from. Once you've chosen your style, it's onto our one-of-a-kind kit builder which will help you smoothly create the perfect pair of custom hockey shorts. The 360 degree view you'll have of your pending creation helps you to visualise whether or not you've selected the right colour and style. Experiment with different colours, logos, and text until you've got a masterpiece you're proud of. If you run into any trouble, our specialists will be glad to give you design tips or answer any questions you have about the hockey shorts we sell.

The initial design is always just the beginning. It's up to you to make sure that your team heads out on the field in the shorts that scream you. Delivery is no problem either. Once you've submitted your designs, you will receive your hockey shorts in a matter of weeks, a great turnaround time for shorts of this high quality. We're eager to help you create the most memorable of all field hockey shorts, field hockey jerseys, field hockey singlets, field hockey skirts, field hockey shirts and field hockey uniforms designs.

Get on to our kit builder and design your own now.