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Top Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams in 2021

Top Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams in 2021

Posted by Nathan Darma on

Top Fundraising Ideas for Sports Teams in 2021

Fundraising for your sports team doesn’t have to be a drag or boring, make it exciting for all members with a range of activities. Fundraising plays a huge role in connecting the community and team together, so make the most out of it and think big! From kids camps during school holidays to game day sausage sizzles, we list the top ideas that will get everyone involved whilst helping to raise money that can be used to provide for new sports team uniforms and equipment.

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10 Fundraising Ideas for sports teams

Sausage Sizzle on Game Day

Get the parents together and form a team who is willing to put their hand up and give back to the club. Team sports that have a game on the weekend are known for getting the community together, so there’s not a better way than to have a sausage sizzle throughout the game that everyone can enjoy. Get the parents together using the team budget to purchase the ingredients needed, then either the sporting ground or a team member will have a portable BBQ you can use to sizzle the sausages and sell to hungry family members throughout the game, using the profit made as fundraising to put it towards the club.

Bootcamp / Fitness Classes

Pre-season training ramped up by getting everyone involved and making it fun. If fundraising for a youth team , get a parent, coach or partner with your local gym to run the session. Fundraising as an adult team provides you with a team of athletes you can run different parts of the bootcamp/fitness classes helping you to work as a team whilst raising money. Promote the session through flyers, word-of-mouth, social media and emails so everyone can join in (the more people involved the more money you will make) so get advertising now!

Can include:

  • HITT training
  • Running
  • Zumba
  • Yoga
  • Group activities
  • Weightlifting (if equipment is provided)
  • Your sports team training regimen e.g. High Intensity Soccer Training.

Car Wash

Who doesn’t love a clean car? A perfect opportunity to get everyone involved and the money going to a club that needs support. Make a weekend out of car washing, charge a fee and leave the hard (but fun) work to the team. For youth teams, you can also take it one step further, by having all the kids make ‘Car Wash’ signs during the week that they can display on the day – the best sign is awarded a prize.

Car Boot/Garage sale

Everyone loves a bargain, so hosting a car boot sale is the perfect opportunity to spring clean, purchase cheap goodies and for your team to raise some money. If your team is very parent orientated this one’s for you; get them to gather unused items at home that they would be happy to sell at a cheap price. A tip to fundraise additional money is to charge a $20 fee to all cars selling products, then any money they make they can keep. You may as well take advantage of your audience and get a coffee van on the day as well! It will keep the parents awake whilst also the company giving you a percentage of the money made.

Kids Camp During School Holidays

Parents love this idea as it is an opportunity to keep the kids active and busy on school holidays. Plan in advanced before you promote the camp to ensure you have all the details covered, get all the team members and coaches involved as they can run the event. A sports-themed camp is a popular one amongst the community, providing multiple sporting activities on the day as well as training, team building activities and short games encouraging friendly competition. Partner up with other local clubs to advance your camp and get the support you need.

Dodgeball tournament

A perfect tournament that can be hosted inside or outside depending on your club’s arrangements and suitable for any sporting team. Gather a minimum of 4 teams to participate in rounds of elimination, you can present a prize to the winners for added encouragement to join in. Charge an entry fee to each individual partaking on the day and accumulate this money together to put towards your fundraising efforts. The best part is this can be joined by people who don’t currently play sport and can be promoted locally with flyers and using social media.

t-shirt fundraising

Every team loves designing uniforms and matching apparel, and an awesome way to fundraise money and strengthen the team’s bond! Get everyone involved by submitting designs on how the team wants the t-shirts to look, then vote on the best ones to be made and get your custom t-shirts produced and ready to be sold – friends, families and the like will love to show their support for your club with their very own t-shirt designed by your team.

COVID safe fundraising ideas

virtual raffle

We are all used to the online world now, having meetings and school classes over zoom, so why not be COVID-safe and host a virtual raffle with your sports team. Start by accumulating prizes with your team/parents who are willing to put something in the raffle for free or work with companies to figure out a partnership or sponsorship deal. In the month leading up to the event sell the tickets at training or over an online platform (if it is not safe for your team to meet together). Selling a number of tickets will raise your team money, then simply choose a night and host a virtual raffle - simple yet an effective way for your club to raise funds.

Quiz night

Another fun yet effective COVID safe fundraising idea is to host a quiz night over zoom. This may take a little bit more planning but once it’s underway it can be a whole lot of fun. Getting teammates, parents or coaches together to plan trivia questions is the first and hardest part. Then all you need to do is plan a night with an entry fee and set up an interactive zoom party and start asking the questions. Incentives is a great way to keep people engaged, e.g. have a prize for the winner / runners up and potentially add a theme to spice things up and give prizes for best dressed.


If your team environment encourages individuals and parents to be active, then this one is for you! Get everyone involved in walking 5km, 10km or 20km on a specific day, another COVID-friendly idea that only involves you and your friends and family. Provide an entry fee to participate then further fundraising done by the members involved as they can promote the walk they are going to complete and ask family and friends to donate. Once again brining the final funds together for the club to use that will make it a fun and safe environment to train at.

Written by OTG Custom